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Solid State Institute Seminar
Quantum Information Processing with Trapped Ions and Photons
Professor Rainer Blatt
Lidow 620
In this talk, the basic toolbox of the Innsbruck quantum information processor based on a string of trapped Ca+ ions will be reviewed. For quantum information processing, the toolbox operations are employed for quantum computations [1], for quantum simulations [2], and with optical cavities and photons they are used for the implementation of quantum interfaces [3] for the realization of quantum networks. For quantum computation, a scalable Shor algorithm was realized [1] with a string of trapped Ca+ ions. Towards scaling the trapped ion quantum computer, we encode one logical qubit in entangled states distributed over seven trapped-ion qubits. We demonstrate the capability of the code to detect one bit flip, phase flip or a combined error of both, regardless on which of the qubits they occur. Furthermore, we apply combinations of the entire set of logical single-qubit Clifford gates on the encoded qubit to explore its computational capabilities [4]. The quantum toolbox is further applied to carry out both analog and digital quantum simulations. The basic simulation procedure will be presented and its application will be discussed for a variety of spin Hamiltonians. Moreover, a spectroscopic technique is presented to study artificial quantum matter and use it for characterizing quasiparticles in a many-body system of trapped atomic ions [5]. For the realization of a quantum interface, trapped Ca+ ions in a cavity QED setup allow entanglement of a qubit with a photon and quantum state mapping [3]. [1] T. Monz et al., Science 351, 1068 (2016). [2] P. Jurcevic et al., Nature 511, 202 (2014). [3] T. Northup and R. Blatt, Nature Photonics 8, 356 (2014). [4] D. Nigg et al., Science 345, 302 (2014). [5] P. Jurcevic et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 100501 (2015)