Dear Guest,

We would like to welcome you to Technion.
Your contact person in the Physics Department is Ms. Keren Tshilibi, who will take care of arrangements for your arrival in Israel and at our Physics Department.


Get directions to our department, or use the box below to get directions via Google Maps



Forcheimer guest house

If you are staying at the Forchheimer Guest House, which is on the Technion campus, getting the room keycard depends on when you arrive:

  1. If you arrive between 8:00 and 15:30 from Sunday through Thursday, you should go directly to the Forchheimer Guest House to get the keycard.
  2. If you arrive at any other time, the keycard will be waiting for you at the Security Unit's office, located to the right of the main Technion gate. If you arrive by taxi, ask the driver to wait while you pick up the keycard, before continuing on to the guest house.

For a full breakfast, you can go to Cafe Café, 3 mins walk from guest house’ in Student Union Building.

You can buy coupons for lunch at the Technion Faculty dining room, which is located in the same building as the guest house, at the reception desk of the guest house.

During Friday and Saturday, when no other restaurants on campus are open, you can buy meals at the swimming pool's cafeteria. You will find an entry permit for the swimming pool in your room.

Each room at the Forchheimer Guest House has a kitchenette with a refrigerator and microwave for your convenience. There is a minimarket on campus where you can buy the essentials.

You will find a map of the Technion in your room.

Your room key for Forchheimer allows you to enter Technion if you arrive by car.

To reach the Physics Department from the Forchheimer Guest House, please see:


Off-campus hotel

If you are staying at a hotel off campus, please contact Ms. Tshilibi with the exact details of your arrival so that she can make the necessary arrangements to bring you to Technion.
If you arrive at the Technion by taxi, ask the taxi driver to bring you to the Physics Department on the road between Electrical Engineering and Physics.
Your room at the hotel is booked on a bed and breakfast basis.
We recommend you ask the hotel staff for assistance regarding sites to visit, maps, and explanations about attractions near the hotel.
You can visit the Haifa tourist board's site:

Additional information

Upon your arrival at the physics department

When you arrive at the Department, please go to see Ms. Keren Tshilibi in the secretariat on the 4th floor of Physics Lidow Building. We recommend that you bring your passport with you. Ms. Keren Tshilibi may need it.

Ms. Keren Tshilibi will provide:

  1. A key for your office (for guests staying in Taub building)
  2. A magnetic Temporary visitor card for entrance to Technion and Physics building. and for coffee in our H-Bar cafeteria

All keys and magnetic cards received upon your arrival should be returned to Ms. Tshilibi or left in the grey box for that purpose, located opposite the coffee room in the Taub building.

Network Service


Wireless communication coverage is campus-wide, in particular, the Physics Department. The available networks are:

  1. TechPublic: Free for all - no authentication required. This network is actually outside the Technion, therfore some Technion services are not accessible.
  2. TechSec: Needs a local username and a password. Provides all Technion services.
  3. Eudoram: Needs a username and password which you might have from your university.

Wired LAN Connection

The wired connection is faster and gives all Technion services. If your office is in Taub building you have an IP number for each room that can be setup in your laptop.
If your office is not in Taub building you can connect your laptop to the LAN after providing the MAC address to our computer engineer – Mrs. Riva Kraizelman – riva[AT]

Your office

If your office is in the Taub building, you can get the key from Ms. Tshilibi.
If your office is in any other building, your host will take care of key.

Ms. Tshilibi will accompany you to your office or your host's office upon your arrival.
There is a computer in every office.
For phone calls outside Technion please dial 9 and then the number.
For phone calls inside Technion please dial the last 4 digits of the phone number.

We wish you a pleasant stay,
Physics Department