Event Details

CATEGORY:Theor./Math. Physics Seminar
TITLE:Neutral Modes and the Undoing of Anyonic Interferometry
Date: 2015-06-14
Time: 14:30:00
Location: Lewiner, Seminar Room (412)


Reconstruction of edges of fractional quantum Hall systems (due to interactions and disorder)  may lead to the emergence of neutral modes. The latter are ubiquitous in FQHE.  A seemingly unrelated fact is the failure to observe Aharonov-Bohm oscillations in interferometers (Mach-Zehnder and Fabry-Perot) operating in the FQHE regime. Are these two facts related? I will describe how neutral modes and fractionalization of electrons into eigen edge-components conspire to undermine coherency. I will discuss how one may overcome this adverse effect.