Event Details

CATEGORY:Astrophysics Seminar
TITLE:Large deviations in nonequilibrium systems
Date: 2016-06-29
Time: 13:30:00
Location: Lidow, 620


Studies of non-equilibrium fluctuations have held a center stage during the
past few decades of the development of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics.

Indeed, macroscopic fluctuations are supposed to display some universal behaviour, regardless of the precise microscopic dynamics of the process
under study.

In this talk, we shall consider a few examples of non-equilibrium fluctuations: the particle current in an interacting particle system, the diffusion of a tracer in a one-dimensional gas of  particles with excluded mutual passage and the melting of an Ising quadrant.
These different problems will be analyzed quantitatively using the Macroscopic Fluctuation Theory