All Distinguished Lecture Series

Title Lecturer Affilation Email Start Date End Date Host
The New Era of Gravitational Wave Physics and AstrophysicsAlessandra BuonannoMax Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics

2017-06-042017-06-09Adi Nusser
The Secret Relationship of the Top Quark and the Higgs BosonMichael E. PeskinSLAC

2017-04-232017-04-27Yael Shadmi
Towards understanding of evolutionary dynamicsProf. Daniel FisherStanford University

2017-03-272017-03-31Erez Braun
Quantum information processing with trapped ionsRainer BlattUniversitaet Innsbruck

2017-03-202017-03-23Adi Nusser
Gravitational Waves: A New Frontier in ScienceBarry BarishCaltech  2016-11-212016-11-26 
Non-equilibrium thermodynamics via the study of large fluctuationsGianni Jona-LasinioSapienza University of Rome

2016-10-312016-11-09Eric Akkermans
The Near Field CosmologyBrent TullyInstitute for Astronomy, Hawaii

2016-06-062016-06-09Adi Nusser
New Frontiers of Quantum OpticsMikhail LukinHarvard University

2016-01-112016-01-13Moti Segev
Quantum Materials in restricted DimensionZhi - Xun ShenStanford University

2015-12-212015-12-23Amit Keren
Superfluid 3He in the Zero-Temperature Limit: “Pure” Quantum BehaviourGeorge PickettLancaster University

2014-03-092014-03-13Emil Polturak
Issues in Theoretical PhysicsJean Zinn-JustinCEA/IRFU Centre de Saclay, Institut de Physique Theorique, Gif-sur-Yvette, France

2014-01-082014-01-29Moshe Moshe
Interaction of matter and radiation under extreme astrophysical conditionsRashid SunyaevMax Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Garching, Germany

2013-11-172013-11-21Ari Laor
The death and afterlife of massive starsRoger ChevalierUniversity of Virginia

2013-06-022013-06-06Noam Soker
The Many Faces of AccretionRamesh NarayanHarvard University

2013-04-212013-04-24Ari Laor
Quantum information and many-body quantum systems.Ignacio CiracMax-Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, Garching, Germany

2012-12-012012-12-08Joseph Avron
From Gauge/Gravity Duality to Condensed MatterDam T. SonUniversity of Chicago

2012-11-142012-11-21Amos Yarom
The Structure and Evolution of GalaxiesJohn KormendyDept. of Astronomy, University of Texas at Austin; Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physic

2012-05-202012-05-30Ari Laor
Exploding Stars and the Accelerating UniverseRobert KirshnerHarvard University

2011-12-202011-12-31Ehud Behar
Statistical Mechanics of Systems out of EquilibriumBernard DerridaENS Paris

2011-06-162011-06-21Yariv Kafri
Fundamental tests of quantum physics with atoms and photons in a box.Serge HarocheENS, Paris and College de France

2011-05-252011-06-01Eric Akkermans
New Perspectives on Scattering in Gauge Theory and GravityLance J. DixonStanford Linear Accelarator Center

2011-04-072011-04-11Yael Shadmi
Many body localizationIgor AleinerColumbia University

2010-12-252010-12-29Shmuel Fishman
Ultracold gases as a new tool in condensed matter physicsLev PitaevskiiUniversity of Trento, Italy

2010-11-272010-11-23Shmuel Fishman
Current Topics in Condensed Matter Physics: Cuprate Superconductors, Dirac Materials, and Topological InsulatorsPhuan OngDepartment of Physics, Princeton University

2010-04-272010-05-06Amit Keren
Statistical Mechanics, Phase Transitions and Random MatricesThomas SpencerInstitute for Advanced Study, Princeton

2010-03-112010-03-18Shmuel Fishman
Controlling the Motion of Matter with LightMark RaizenUniversity of Texas at Austin

2009-11-262009-11-29Moti Segev
Condensed Matter Physics and Quantitative BiologyDavid R. NelsonHarvard University

2009-10-162009-11-23Yariv Kafri
Big Bang, Black Holes and the Quantum: Physics Beyond General RelativityAbhay AshtekarPenn State University

2009-02-032009-02-11Amos Ori
The New Quantum AgeAlain AspectInstitut d'Optique, Palaiseau

2009-01-062009-01-11Moti Segev
Dark matter, LHC, and string theoryGordon KaneUniversity of Michigan

2008-12-142008-12-20Gad Eilam
Exploring Quantum Matter with Ultracold Atoms in Optical LatticesImmanuel BlochJohannes-Gutenberg University, Mainz

2008-04-082008-04-17Moti Segev
The Long Term Dynamical Evolution of Planetary SystemsScott TremainePrinceton University

2008-01-082008-01-17Adi Nusser
Photon Entanglement: from Fundamental Questions to Quantum Communication and Quantum Computation (In Memory of Asher Peres)Anton ZeilingerUniversity of Vienna

2008-01-012008-01-09Moti Segev
Adventures in the Theory of Glassy MaterialsJames LangerUniversity of California at Santa Barbara

2007-11-012007-11-05Shmuel Fishman
Quantum Chaos, Random Matrix Theory and Number TheoryJon KeatingUniversity of Bristol

2007-05-022007-05-09Shmuel Fishman
Condensed Matter Physics and Quantum Information with Quantum OpticsPeter ZollerUniversity of Innsbruck

2007-04-092007-04-16Shmuel Fishman
Quantum Phase TransitionsSubir SachdevHarvard University

2007-03-122007-03-19Assa Auerbach
Successes and Mysteries in Particle PhysicsJonathan L. RosnerUniversity of Chicago

2007-01-142007-01-30Michael Gronau
New Ideas about the Origin and Future of the UniversePaul SteinhardtPrinceton University, USA

2006-06-122006-06-22Dov Levine
New Paradigms for the 21st CenturyLeonard SusskindStanford University, U.S.A.

2006-04-232006-04-28Oren Bergman
Beyond the Standard Model: A Confrontation with Fundamental QuestionsMichael DineUniversity of California at Santa-Cruz

2006-03-222006-03-31Yael Shadmi
Adventures in Theoretical PhysicsEdward Wittennstitute for Advanced Study, USA

2006-01-312006-02-02Oren Bergman
Quantum-Mechanical Integrated CircuitsMichel DevoretYale University, USA

2005-12-182005-12-22Eric Akkermans
General Relativity in the 21st Century (In Memory Of Nathan Rosen)Eanna FlanaganCornell University, New York

2005-05-172005-05-28Amos Ori
Aspects of Biological Evolution and ComputationAlbert J. LibchaberRockefeller University, NY U.S.A.

2005-04-062005-04-15Erez Braun
Statistical Physics and the Triumph of ModelsMichael E. FisherUniversity of Maryland, U.S.A.

2004-11-112004-11-15Shmuel Fishman
Time Reversal Properties of Complex and Chaotic MediaMathias FinkEcole Superieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles

2004-06-022004-06-09Eric Akkermans
Jets Magnetism and GravomagnetismDonald Lynden-BellUniversity of Cambridge, United Kingdom

2004-04-132004-04-22Adi Nusser
Explorations of QCD with Supersymmetric Tools (In Memory of Michael (Misha) Marinov)Mikhail ShifmanUniversity of Minnesota, U.S.A.

2003-12-312004-01-07Michael Gronau
Disorder and Interactions in Electron SystemsThierry GiamarchiUniversity of Geneva, Switzerland

2003-05-252003-06-01Assa Auerbach
Atom-Photon interactions: Basic processes and applicationsClaude Cohen-TannoudjiEcole Normale Superieure

2002-03-022002-03-14Eric Akkermans
Quantum InformationDr. Charles BennettIBM Watson Research Center, U.S.A.

2000-12-152000-12-22Adi Nusser
Ultra-Cold Atomic GasesJean DalibardEcole Normale Superieure, Paris

2000-04-032000-04-16Eric Akkermans
New developments in Field Theory and string TheoryNathan SeibergPrinceton University

2000-03-282000-04-03Shmuel Fishman
Aspects of Physical AsymptoticsMichael Berry, FRSUniversity of Bristol, United Kingdom

1999-06-131999-06-28Joseph Avron
Field Theory for ElectronsRamamurti ShankarYale University, USA

1999-05-201999-05-30Assa Auerbach
Turbulence in SpacePeter GoldreichCaltech, U.S.A

1999-03-131999-03-24Ari Laor
Symmetry and SupersymmetryJulius WessLudwig-Maxmilians University, Munich

1999-03-021999-03-09Assa Auerbach
Nonequilibrium Statistical MechanicsJoel LebowitzRutgers University, New Brunswick, U.S.A.

1998-04-151998-04-23Joseph Avron
Interactions and Chaos in Mesoscopic Quantum SystemsBoris AltshulerNEC Research Institute  1997-11-211997-11-29 
Topological Quantum NumbersDavid ThoulesWashington University, Seattle

1997-11-051997-11-11Joseph Avron
Chaos: From Astrophysics to MicrophysicsMartin C. GutzwillerIBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

1997-04-181997-04-27Shmuel Fishman
The Quantum Hall EffectBertrand J. HalperinHarvard University, Cambridge, MA

1996-11-111996-11-22Assa Auerbach
Decay of Correlations in Dynamical SystemsDavid RuelleIHES, Bures-sur-Yvette, France

1995-05-071995-05-13Joseph Avron
Non-Abelian Gauge Theories as the Fundamental InteractionsGerard t HooftUniversiteit Utrecht

1995-05-051995-05-07Moshe Moshe