List of Speakers

65 Professor Alessandra Buonanno
Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
Title:The New Era of Gravitational Wave Physics and Astrophysics, 2017

64 Professor Michael E. Peskin
Title:The Secret Relationship of the Top Quark and the Higgs Boson, 2017

63 Professor Prof. Daniel Fisher
Stanford University
Title:Towards understanding of evolutionary dynamics, 2017

62 Professor Rainer Blatt
Universitaet Innsbruck
Title:Quantum information processing with trapped ions, 2017

61 Professor Barry Barish
Title:Gravitational Waves: A New Frontier in Science, 2016

60 Professor Gianni Jona-Lasinio
Sapienza University of Rome
Title:Non-equilibrium thermodynamics via the study of large fluctuations, 2016

59 Professor Brent Tully (Gruber Prize Winner)
Institute for Astronomy, Hawaii
Title:The Near Field Cosmology, 2016

58 Professor Mikhail Lukin
Harvard University
Title:New Frontiers of Quantum Optics, 2016

57 Professor Zhi - Xun Shen
Stanford University
Title:Quantum Materials in restricted Dimension, 2015

56 Professor George Pickett
Lancaster University
Title:Superfluid 3He in the Zero-Temperature Limit: “Pure” Quantum Behaviour, 2014

55 Professor Jean Zinn-Justin
CEA/IRFU Centre de Saclay, Institut de Physique Theorique, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
Title:Issues in Theoretical Physics, 2014

54 Professor Rashid Sunyaev
Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Garching, Germany
Title:Interaction of matter and radiation under extreme astrophysical conditions, 2013

53 Professor Roger Chevalier
University of Virginia
Title:The death and afterlife of massive stars, 2013

52 Professor Ramesh Narayan
Harvard University
Title:The Many Faces of Accretion, 2013

51 Professor Ignacio Cirac (Wolf Laureate)
Max-Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, Garching, Germany
Title:Quantum information and many-body quantum systems., 2012

50 Professor Dam T. Son
University of Chicago
Title:From Gauge/Gravity Duality to Condensed Matter, 2012

49 Professor John Kormendy
Dept. of Astronomy, University of Texas at Austin; Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physic
Title:The Structure and Evolution of Galaxies, 2012

48 Professor Robert Kirshner
Harvard University
Title:Exploding Stars and the Accelerating Universe, 2011

47 Professor Bernard Derrida
ENS Paris
Title:Statistical Mechanics of Systems out of Equilibrium, 2011

46 Professor Serge Haroche (Nobel Laureate)
ENS, Paris and College de France
Title:Fundamental tests of quantum physics with atoms and photons in a box., 2011

45 Professor Lance J. Dixon
Stanford Linear Accelarator Center
Title:New Perspectives on Scattering in Gauge Theory and Gravity, 2011

44 Professor Igor Aleiner
Columbia University
Title:Many body localization, 2010

43 Professor Lev Pitaevskii
University of Trento, Italy
Title:Ultracold gases as a new tool in condensed matter physics, 2010

42 Professor Phuan Ong
Department of Physics, Princeton University
Title:Current Topics in Condensed Matter Physics: Cuprate Superconductors, Dirac Materials, and Topological Insulators, 2010

41 Professor Thomas Spencer
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Title:Statistical Mechanics, Phase Transitions and Random Matrices, 2010

40 Professor Mark Raizen
University of Texas at Austin
Title:Controlling the Motion of Matter with Light, 2009

39 Professor David R. Nelson
Harvard University
Title:Condensed Matter Physics and Quantitative Biology, 2009

38 Professor Abhay Ashtekar
Penn State University
Title:Big Bang, Black Holes and the Quantum: Physics Beyond General Relativity, 2009

37 Professor Alain Aspect (Wolf Prize Laureate)
Institut d'Optique, Palaiseau
Title:The New Quantum Age, 2009

36 Professor Gordon Kane
University of Michigan
Title:Dark matter, LHC, and string theory, 2008

35 Professor Immanuel Bloch
Johannes-Gutenberg University, Mainz
Title:Exploring Quantum Matter with Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices, 2008

34 Professor Scott Tremaine
Princeton University
Title:The Long Term Dynamical Evolution of Planetary Systems, 2008

33 Professor Anton Zeilinger (Wolf Prize Laureate)
University of Vienna
Title:Photon Entanglement: from Fundamental Questions to Quantum Communication and Quantum Computation (In Memory of Asher Peres), 2008

32 Professor James Langer
University of California at Santa Barbara
Title:Adventures in the Theory of Glassy Materials, 2007

31 Professor Jon Keating
University of Bristol
Title:Quantum Chaos, Random Matrix Theory and Number Theory, 2007

30 Professor Peter Zoller (Wolf Laureate)
University of Innsbruck
Title:Condensed Matter Physics and Quantum Information with Quantum Optics, 2007

29 Professor Subir Sachdev
Harvard University
Title:Quantum Phase Transitions, 2007

28 Professor Jonathan L. Rosner
University of Chicago
Title:Successes and Mysteries in Particle Physics, 2007

27 Professor Paul Steinhardt
Princeton University, USA
Title:New Ideas about the Origin and Future of the Universe, 2006

26 Professor Leonard Susskind
Stanford University, U.S.A.
Title:New Paradigms for the 21st Century, 2006

25 Professor Michael Dine
University of California at Santa-Cruz
Title:Beyond the Standard Model: A Confrontation with Fundamental Questions, 2006

24 Professor Edward Witten (2005 Harvey Prize Laureate)
nstitute for Advanced Study, USA
Title:Adventures in Theoretical Physics, 2006

23 Professor Michel Devoret
Yale University, USA
Title:Quantum-Mechanical Integrated Circuits, 2005

22 Professor Eanna Flanagan
Cornell University, New York
Title:General Relativity in the 21st Century (In Memory Of Nathan Rosen), 2005

21 Professor Albert J. Libchaber (Wolf Laureate)
Rockefeller University, NY U.S.A.
Title:Aspects of Biological Evolution and Computation, 2005

20 Professor Michael E. Fisher (Wolf Laureate)
University of Maryland, U.S.A.
Title:Statistical Physics and the Triumph of Models, 2004

19 Professor Mathias Fink
Ecole Superieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles
Title:Time Reversal Properties of Complex and Chaotic Media, 2004

18 Professor Donald Lynden-Bell
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Title:Jets Magnetism and Gravomagnetism, 2004

17 Professor Mikhail Shifman
University of Minnesota, U.S.A.
Title:Explorations of QCD with Supersymmetric Tools (In Memory of Michael (Misha) Marinov), 2003

16 Professor Thierry Giamarchi
University of Geneva, Switzerland
Title:Disorder and Interactions in Electron Systems, 2003

15 Professor Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (Nobel Laureate)
Ecole Normale Superieure
Title:Atom-Photon interactions: Basic processes and applications, 2002

14 Professor Dr. Charles Bennett (2009 Harvey Prize Laureate) 
IBM Watson Research Center, U.S.A.
Title:Quantum Information, 2000

13 Professor Jean Dalibard
Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris
Title:Ultra-Cold Atomic Gases, 2000

12 Professor Nathan Seiberg
Princeton University
Title:New developments in Field Theory and string Theory, 2000

11 Professor Michael Berry, FRS (Wolf Laureate)
University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Title:Aspects of Physical Asymptotics, 1999

10 Professor Ramamurti Shankar
Yale University, USA
Title:Field Theory for Electrons, 1999

9 Professor Peter Goldreich
Caltech, U.S.A
Title:Turbulence in Space, 1999

8 Professor Julius Wess
Ludwig-Maxmilians University, Munich
Title:Symmetry and Supersymmetry, 1999

7 Professor Joel Lebowitz (IUPAP Boltzman Medal Laureate)
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, U.S.A.
Title:Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics, 1998

6 Professor Boris Altshuler
NEC Research Institute
Title:Interactions and Chaos in Mesoscopic Quantum Systems, 1997

5 Professor David Thoules (Wolf Laureate)
Washington University, Seattle
Title:Topological Quantum Numbers, 1997

4 Professor Martin C. Gutzwiller
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Title:Chaos: From Astrophysics to Microphysics, 1997

3 Professor Bertrand J. Halperin (Wolf Laureate)

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Title:The Quantum Hall Effect, 1996

2 Professor David Ruelle
IHES, Bures-sur-Yvette, France
Title:Decay of Correlations in Dynamical Systems, 1995

1 Professor Gerard t Hooft (Nobel Laureate)
Universiteit Utrecht
Title:Non-Abelian Gauge Theories as the Fundamental Interactions, 1995